Friday, January 27, 2012

New Testimonial from Malaysia

"Greetings from Malaysia, I have been using your product since 21 Dec 2011 and I LOVE IT! I have sensitive skin and whenever I get exposed to the sun, I get sun burn easily. I was in Bali recently for a week. Bali was sunny the whole week and I was so scared of getting sun burn, but to my amazement, I had no problem at all. I was walking under the sun without any fear!! That's the first time ever it happend to me! Thank you SKIN ELIXIR! I just love the smell of your Skin Elixir, it smells so fresh and it's light on the skin. I do not get oily skin anymore. I have tried loads of other skin care products and this is one product that I can vouch for. It's my money's worth and everyone should have this with them 24/7." Moss

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mobile Billboard for Electric Body!

We are excited to drive around Las Vegas in our newly wrapped Electric Body truck! Geckowraps did an awesome job!

Any excuse now for us to go out and about in Vegas and be seen!!!!

Recent Testimonials from Salons and Spas in New Zealand

“Electric Body is liquid gold for your skin. The smell, the texture is incredible and the list of benefits is never-ending. I have had many people coming in saying they are looking for a change, something simple and effective. I show them Electric body and it is sold in a second. I will never change from this skin care I believe it is the best on the market to date. My skin has never had a glow quiet like it before.”
Latasha Boyce, Alluminus Beauty Therapy, Greytown

“We have included EB on our salon retail shelves since the product's inception as a unique all-in-one cream which can compliment a wide skincare range or stand alone with amazing results.”
June Coope, Nefertiti, North Shore

“I regard it as the Rolls Royce of skincare.”
Lani Patterson, Soak day Spa, Wanaka.

“We have found Electric Body ticks all the boxes:
• Using NZ products
• Paraben and laurel sulphate free
• Clients love its fragrance and texture
• Therapists love the results”
Katie, Enriching Day Spa, Nelson

“We love everything about the product –
it is so versatile, can be used on any condition,
on anyone. The smell is just divine! It sells itself.”
Colleen Sharp, The Villla Beauty Therapy, Masterton.

To become a stockist of our fabulous skin care in New Zealand please call Anna at 0800.88.SKIN (7546). In America call: 1.877.317.SKIN (7546)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

EB featured in NZ Beauty Magazine... and new YouTube Video

Another fabulous write-up in a glossy New Zealand beauty magazine - Beautiful You.
"Electric Body boasts many healthy skin care products which produce great results. Director Shelley Hiestand recently received an email from an Electric Body fan in London who had a friend who had been using the Electric Body Skin Elixir on a bad wound. She said that it helped heal it up phenomenally well. This same friend was also diagnosed with a Superbug and after she used the cream for this it disappeared almost immediately. The fan also said in her email that she attributed this result to the healing powers of Colostrum, plus all the other goodies in the Skin Elixir cream. A very happy Electric Body customer." New Zealand Orders: 0800.88.SKIN (7546).

And a great synopsis of the highlights and benefits of Electric Body healthy skin care by our UK/EU distributor Susan Fleet. If you live in the UK or Europe please contact Susan for all your EB needs:

And watch this informative video:

Wishing you health and happiness this holiday season.

From the Team at Electric Body

Saturday, December 10, 2011

We just attended the American Academy of Anti-Aging Conference (A4M) in Las Vegas with our good friend Dr. Lisa Tully,who introduced us to some of her colleagues who totally understood the power of Colostrum and were intrigued by Mr. Hiestand's vibrationally tuned formulation ( Dr. Lisa is responsible for the research showing the increase in the body's bio-energy field after one application of our Skin Elixir.

We met Dr. Stephen Sinatra ( and Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby ( who both eagerly took some Skin Elixir samples and listened to the story behind the creation of our Colostrum cream. Hopefully they will both help us get more awareness out into the Anti-Aging communities about the power of Colostrum and importance of healthy skin care. Apparently in Dr. Keith's Anti-Aging book he specifically addresses the dangers of skin care and relativity to cancer.

Dr. Lisa is on our advisory board and is the founder of the Energy Medicine Research Institute ( and met Mr. Hiestand at the Health Freedom Expo several years earlier when he was there talking about his book Electrical Nutrition. We have been good friends since then and she continues to introduce us to fascinating individuals and weave the wizards together! Thank you Lisa!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Skin Elixir helps Superbug??

We just received a great email from an Electric Body fan living in London...

"The biggest thing I wanted to tell you was yet another testimonial for the skin elixir... when I arrived in the UK I started to see a guy (Eddy) who had only three days before I met him fallen on a glass which left a massive gash in his back and pierced his lung. He spent a few days in hospital getting stitched up and monitored etc. Anyway, the nurse in me (possibly coming through from mum!) relished this chance to look after someone and I promptly gifted my skin elixir to him to help this huge wound heal. Attached is a photo of what this looked like just 5weeks after it was first done. Huge improvement and I think it is a long way ahead of itself in healing given the extent of the damage done and the short amount of time to get to this point - thanks to the elixir! The other thing that happened was that while he was in hospital he contracted and then, obviously, tested positive for the superbug MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) but when he was rushed back in to treat it and tested for it again it had gone. The doctors were surprised because it's the kind of bug that kills people and never disappears on its own, he told them he had been using the electric body and the doctor expressed interest in buying shares... :) So, I know you know you guys have a fantastic product, and I know I know that too but I've managed to convert at least another two also! So thank you very much :)" Katie.

Although we certainly can't make any healing claims about our fabulous Colostrum cream, it is stories like this that warm the heart and that others can read and hopefully understand that Electric Body is far more than just an amazing skin cream!

Samples are now available through our website:

If you have a personal testimonial that you would like to share about the magic of our Colostrum cream, please email me at:

Denie at the AFM (American Film Market)

We met up with Joel Franco at the AFM (American Film Market), yesterday in Santa Monica. He is there talking with potential distributors for the documentary he is making, "Journey to Truth" based on Denie's book and his life. Joel was excited at the positive responses he has been receiving and everyone loves the new trailer ( and can't wait to see the movie/doco when it is ready! Exciting times ahead...

The film industry is also a great avenue for Electric Body skin care. With everything being in high definition anyone who is on TV or in movies needs the healthiest skin possible as the cameras pick up EVERYTHING!

That is why former Miss World USA LOVES Electric Body. Brooke Alexander is a very busy actress on TV, in commercials, etc. and she has been using Electric Body religiously for quite a few years now. She is always receiving comments on how gorgeous her skin is.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Colostrum website promoting Electric Body colostrum cream

This website has some great information about the benefits of Colostrum, taken internally as well as applied topically. Check it out!

They have just uploaded a great article on Electric Body colostrum cream as well...

Another happy client asking why more places don't stock our amazing skincare...

Just had a phone call from a very satisfied Electric Body client saying he and his wife were big fans of all three products and were going to be visiting Vegas next week and wondered where they could buy the products on the strip (at this stage it is only being stocked at the Green Valley Ranch and Spa). He couldn't believe none of the spas on the strip had Electric Body as in his opinion our products are "far better than Eminence" and he couldn't understand why Electric Body wasn't available everywhere!

I told him to please go into the spa at the casino/hotel he was going to stay at and request Electric Body, tell them how fabulous it is and to ask them to get it in for him.

I would love for any of you Electric Body fans out there to do the same for us. Please go into your local Spa and ask for Electric Body and request that they stock it for you.

Thank you for helping us get the word out there about Electric Body healthy skin care!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vaccinations, Autism, Drug-induced Deaths and more...

Blog Entry from Denie Hiestand:

"So finally somebody is coming out and showing the science that vaccinations do cause autism and other brain damage. This is something I have been saying for over 30 years. I can see it in the kids energy fields. I have had hundreds of mothers bring me kids that have been affected after their shots! Please share this with all your friends. Also Electric Body is one of the only skin care lines that does not contain any petro-chemical fragrance. Oil based fragrances and other chemical compounds in skin care are a killer and I have also been saying this for years. I see this very clearly in my cancer clients energy fields. That is why I have spent the last 8 years of my life figuring out how to make a truly natural skin cream that works. Let's all work to stop the killing of women and their kids. Also, Dr. prescribed drugs kill more people than road accidents... the question has to be asked, 'Why are there no cops in the Dr's room???' If we make a mistake on the rod and kill or hurt somebody we go to jail. Why do the doctors get off scot free? It's about time we all stood up to the medical and cosmetic bullshit!"

NaturalNews Insider Alert:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Feature on

Check out the gorgeous feature on Electric Body on

New Zealand Colostrum Natural Skincare

What’s the most perfect food on earth? Treat yourself to a cupcake if you guessed Colostrum, the protein and vitamin A rich first “milk” produced by all mammals. We don’t consume Colostrum beyond the first few days of life, but Electric Body has created natural, organic, paraben-free, preservative-free skin care and anti-aging products rich in Colostrum from grassfed cows on the South Island of New Zealand.

Our skin can benefit from what founder and acclaimed health consultant Denie Hiestand calls Colostrum's “kick-starting” properties. A powerful life-giving compound, it triggers the DNA code in every cell to function. By looking at how nature works electrically—hence the name of the line—Hiestand has developed a method of preserving and stabilizing this regenerating, anti-aging super food. The end result is skin care unlike anything else we've seen—and a complexion that looks and feels like the proverbial baby’s bottom.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

More positive feedback from happy people...

I met with the gorgeous Brooke Alexander (former Miss World USA) in New York recently and we had a wonderful catch up over breakfast. She is one of Electric Body's greatest fans and receives comments all the time from friends and work colleagues about how amazing she is looking! Thanks for continuing to choose Electric Body Brooke!

More positive feedback from happy customers!!...

"I just wanted to let you know I received my order on Friday. As usual, I keep loving everything about your products. I also wanted to tell you I was on your website and I watched Denie's video explaining the products and all the media lies and propagandas about being healthy. When I listened to his video it all came together. This world we live in is so complicated that we get overwhelmed with all the media/doctors/pharmaceuticals etc. telling us to do this and that - it's killing us. I'm so glad he did this video and I will make sure I tell everyone to listen to it. Keep up the good work!" Diane

"I must tell you a little story about the spray. My children and I have just come back from 6 weeks in Northern Europe. I was wearing the spray every day and got a lot of comments about how nice my legs looked, which was really nice! The most amazing thing though, was that, while we were out in the forest at night when everybody covers up so they don’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes, I as still walking around in my shorts! The odd mozzie landed on me, but quickly took off again – I reckon that spray doesn’t only make you look good, it is also a secret weapon against mozzies!! I put it on my kids, and same thing happened. I offered other people to use it, which they did, but even though they didn’t get bitten when they were wearing it, they struggled to believe that the beautiful “orange spray” could chase away the dreaded insects. Funny, though!" Happy Customer

"The cream is amazing! My boyfriend looks 19 and I feel like a cougar!"

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Awesome video about Electric Body!

Click on this link to view the latest interview with Denie Hiestand and Shala Mata about the magic of Electric Body and how it truly is a breakthrough in skincare...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Another great write-up in another UK Magazine

Banish those wrinkles the Kiwi way...


"Hailing from New Zealand, the Electric Body range was created by nutritionist and leading health practitioner Denie Hiestand and its beauty secrets are based on the principles of quantum physics! The all-in-one face, neck and eye cream is packed with natural ingredients including New Zealand Colostrum, aloe vera and blueberries, which leaves the skin feeling moisturised, nourished and rejuvenated. The blend of healthy ‘live’ ingredients helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and even scaring."

What we think:

"Oh how we love a multi-tasker here in TotallyLiving HQ! You may wince at the price tag, but it manages to do the work of your eye cream, serum and night cream in one bottle and with that wrinkle busting New Zealand Colostrum ingredient, it's well worth the splurge!"

Write up in UK Glamour Magazine

Electric Body Body Polish

"We're loving this all-natural body polish from Electric Body, which made our skin so silky smooth we couldn't stop touching it (really!). With colostrum - the replenishing ingredient used by none other than Cleopatra in her famous baths - the particles gently exfoliate the skin while slowly dissolving into a nourishing milk. Simply applied in the shower, it's perfect for preparing your skin before self-tanning. Available exclusively at House of Fraser stores and online at"

By Olivia Holborow